Fruit Filled Ice Cream Sandwiches

I havent made this yet...but I sure am going to try it in the near future. It's not a healthy recipe but parents and kids need a little treat every now and then 🙂 Preparation Time: 15 Mins. Total Time to Serve: 1 Hour 35 Mins. Servings: 8 INGREDIENTS 2 cups vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry ice cream 16 Keebler® … Continue reading Fruit Filled Ice Cream Sandwiches


Give It A Rest Already

I have been debating about how long my daughter should use her pacifier. While, it does wonders by keeping her quiet and calm, if that's all I had to worry about she could use to her heart's content. However, my cousin, who is a dentist, has repeatedly told me that I shouldn't let her suck … Continue reading Give It A Rest Already