images be fair to myself, I wasn’t there so it technically is not my fault.

So, I get a call today from my boyfriend, who is in New York with Peyton, and he’s telling me some story about how our daughter, Peyton, is now staying up until 5 in the morning and that he can’t sleep. While he’s telling me this story he casually slips in that Peyton fell off the bed the day before. *Record Skips*

Let me describe this bed. The bed comes to about mid-thigh (I’m 5’8) on me WITHOUT the 8 inch bed risers that he just placed under the bed three weeks ago. So she tumbled off of what I equate to a mountain and he didn’t feel the need to tell me immediately?! Meanwhile, I’m freaking out thinking the girl now has brain damage and is bruised all over her body; she was probably screaming and carrying on. And I’m yelling at him saying that he left her too close to the end and that he was being careless, completely forgetting that she crawls and is more than capable of transporting herself.

Once, I am finished my rant and am practically close to tears (this week was a sensitive one with 6 extraordinarily difficult exams and roughly 8 hours of sleep total all week…emotions were high), he tells me that she didn’t even cry.

Writing about this makes me laugh now, but, I’m just glad that she’s one tough cookie!

What are your parenting fails of the week?


One thought on “Parenting Fail of the Week

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