I came across this article called “My Daughter Does Not Need to Know About “Thigh Gap”,” which expresses a mother’s concern about body image and this new fad called the “thigh gap” Now, I’ll admit, I have glanced down at my thighs and been happy to see a gap because that meant to me that I am finally starting to lose the 500lbs (not really) that I gained while I was pregnant.

See, before I was pregnant I was a size zero and could fit perfectly into each pair of jeans in my wardrobe, now, not so much. Just a week ago I started to see the gap in between my thighs again. My, what I call a massive weight gain, is my fault. I frequented the Kennedy’s on the corner and befriended the cashier after he started giving me extras. After having Peyton I saw the consequences of my actions. I was still wearing a size 8 and for the first time in my life I had stomach rolls. I apologize if this seems insensitive to some, but I just missed my old body.

When I read this article, however, I thought about how my attitude towards my new body and what I think my body should look like even after an experience such as carrying, nourishing and growing a baby, and I am not sure that my perception is a healthy one. I feel like us parents need to teach our kids how to be and stay healthy AND how to not just accept their body, but be truly happy in their skin without adding pressure of what our kids’ bodies should look like.

Our kids should know that they are just as beautiful with what God gave them and being a possibly unhealthy size double-extra-small is not where it’s at.

Questions or Comments? Let me know!


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