Come At Me Bro

Recently, I was informed that someone may or may not have pushed my daughter. Remember that Peyton is 7, almost 8 months old! When I was told this nothing else being said was heard. All that was going on in my head was “when am I going to be able to get to New York from Maryland to start whoopin’ some butt?” and “Whoever put their hands on my daughter is going on have hell to pay..” But, after a few seconds, I brought myself back to my senses.

Now, disregarding the fact that I would first need to get to the nearest bus station, which is in D.C. , spend the 3-5 hour trip riding up to New York, then get on the 2 train to travel to Brooklyn, which is another hour-long trip, THEN exact my revenge, I came to realize this probably would not be the best way to handle this or any other situation.

So, I thought about exactly should you handle people when they disrespect your child? It is probably, no, definitely not a good idea to start throwing punches. Not only does this speak volumes about your character, but, it’s not the lesson you want to teach your kids.

What do I recommend?

Kill ’em with words. If this is someone who you know and who you may care about, it’s probably the best idea to speak with the person and tell them what they’ve done wrong. Sounds silly, but sometimes people just don’t know. Of course, it would be nice to make them feel the way you feel, but in the long run you’ll sleep much better knowing that you handled the situation like an adult rather than stoop to your offender’s level.

With that being said, if you do not value the person’s opinion, could care less about how they feel, and/or don’t think that saying anything would change the situation for the better, then just shrug it off.  After all, any body who disrespects someone’s child isn’t worth your time or energy anyway.

Questions or Comments? Let me Know!


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