Say What?

I am incredibly bothered by bad grammar, maybe it’s because my mom is a pro at public speaking and beat grammar rules into my head, or maybe it`’s because one of my favorite teachers, Ms. Arnold, was so passionate about grammar. Either way good grammar is becoming a thing of the past.

I’ve read published articles that have awful grammar in them and I wonder if anyone bothers to proof read their work…what is going on?! Perhaps it’s because people nowadays talk in text language. I don’t know but something needs to be done!

I remember when my sister and I were kids and one of us said something like, “me and my friend are going outside,” she would not leave me alone until I said “my friend and I are going outside.” She’d say “excuse me, what did you say?” or “I’m sorry, come again,” or “I don’t believe that I heard you right, please repeat that” until we figured out that our grammar needed help and we corrected ourselves. Sometimes she’d sound like a broken record when we ‘just didn’t get it.’

However, even though I hated when my mother did stuff like that, the atrocities that exit people’s mouths or that I read on websites like “Huffington Post” have led me to want to do the same thing with my child.

What are some things you hated growing up that you’ll now teach your kids?

bad grammar makes me sic


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