I have been debating about how long my daughter should use her pacifier. While, it does wonders by keeping her quiet and calm, if that’s all I had to worry about she could use to her heart’s content. However, my cousin, who is a dentist, has repeatedly told me that I shouldn’t let her suck on a pacifier for too long as she could damage her teeth.


Well, what’s too long and why is it that the only thing that keeps her calm when all else fails can possibly have lasting harmful effects? Despite all the good that her pacifier does including keeping me sane in times of tantrums, I decided to try weaning her off of it.

I gave it a try. Yesterday I hid her bo-bo (as her father calls it) in her crib; well not really hid, I just put it in the corner and I figured if she can locate it then she deserves to have it. Boy, did she cry! But, I stuck to my guns and didn’t give it to her. At times she calmed herself down on her own, other times I had to rock her to keep her quiet, and some times I just let her cry. And her cry..I swear it’s not a regular baby’s cry. She screams incredibly loud with room to get even louder if she’s really angry.

All day long she alternated crying, whining, and trying to find replacements for her pacifier, like my computer charger. Finally, at night when I was worn out from the day, I handed her over to her father. As soon as she started crying, he immediately puts her in her crib and hands her the pacifier.

With me being too tired to scream or argue, I lied down thinking about all of my progress that was just ruined and trying NOT to think about enduring another day of an angry baby.


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