Moms have bad hair days..well maybe it’s just me. I feel like I hardly have time to do my hair properly, or maybe I just hate doing my hair, either way I find myself in constant need of a good headband. I found this little craft idea at is a great DIY headband for a casual day out or lounging around the house.

What you need:

  • an old t-shirt, cotton or jersey
  • hot glue
  • scissors
  • button and thread

Find an interesting t-shirt. I had this colourful one from H&M, perfect! It doesn’t need to be in great condition, if you look closely it’s pilling (that’s how old it is).


Now cut your t-shirt into strips, the thicker the bigger it will roll (you’ll see later). I had the grid to follow so I didn’t  have to measure but even if they are different thicknesses and not the straightest it doesn’t matter.


If your t-shirt doesn’t have seams on the sides, it’s even better. Mine did have seams on the sides but it’s no big deal you can hide them. Now take your strips and stretch them, you’ll see how much longer they get. Note: it will most likely roll on the wrong side so make sure your t-shirt is somewhat nice on the inside as well.


Once you’ve stretched the strips, line up the seams on one side.


Now cut!


The strips will still be joined by the other seam. Here’s what you want to do:


Instead of writing out confusing instructions I drew a little diagram. Each loop and be made of multiple strips, the more strips the thicker. Here’s what the strips look like once knotted:


I adjusted the loops and played with the length to hide the seams. You can even dab some glue to keep them in place (I did).


Important step! Measure your head with it and make it snug. The t-shirt will stretch so make sure you make it a tiny bit smaller and cut the excess.


To tie it all together you’ll want to glue a seam for a neater finish. Take a strip of the left over t-shirt and fold and glue the edges.


Glue both ends together. Note: I twisted the strips so that the flat sides were showing instead of the folds, but you don’t have to.


Your finished back should look something like the above. I had a purple matching button laying around so I added it for some detail. You can glue the button as well, I had some trouble poking the needle through the glue but I managed to do it!


And you are done! super fast and easy. It’s somewhat addictive, I was looking all over my closet for more t-shirts. Here’s what it looks like on, cute for summer!



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