This happened a few days ago, but I’m just getting around to writing about it. I experienced my daughter’s first tantrum in public. Here’s the story:

My boyfriend and I decide to go out and walk around Brooklyn one night; after walking around enough sigh seeing we choose to go have dinner at Applebee’s. We receive our food and as soon as Peyton (our 8-month old) sees the fries and celery she suddenly concludes that her formula is no longer good enough to satisfy her palate. We give her some of our food, but once she’s eaten her fill she begins to play with her food.

Seeing that she is making a rather large mess by crushing the fries and flinging the celery I take the food away from her. Obviously angered, the tantrum begins.

Now, what I think was so shocking yet comical about this is that Ke$ha’s song “Blow” has just reached its chorus and while she is singing “This place about to blow” a full-force tantum ensues. I kind of didn’t know what to do; I wasn’t about to give into an infant’s demands, but, my word, this girl was making a scene.

In the end, I did not give in, but needless to say we didn’t hang out and chat after eating; instead we just called it a night.

What a warm welcome to what date night has become with kids.


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