Finding a day care especially as first time parents has got to be one of the most stressful tasks. I am in the midst of finding child care for the remainder of the summer and I much rather do anything else than to have to go through this search.

But, alas because I love and care for my daughter and I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to allow her to stay home by herself; so, I will find childcare, even if it kills me!

The challenge is finding some daycare that is economically friendly, but reliable, safe and a place where your child can learn, and close enough to home or work so that you can make it in the afternoon in time not to have to pay that 10 cents per minute that you’re late. Sheesh! OR…there’s the nanny route. I like the idea of a nanny because in New York City I feel like nannies are the “in thing.” Nannies seem like little God-sends who cook and clean and care for your child simultaneously and without flaw. However, nannies can cost a pretty penny and they don’t always teach your child (which is one of my criteria)….*whines* but, they live in your house too. How much more convenience could one ask for?!

If you’re having the same trouble I recommend sitter and I haven’t had success yet with either one of these sites, but I have heard good things in the past.

Any tips to share? I’d sure appreciate it


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