Wow! It’s been a whole week since I’ve written it feels like. I’ve been super busy with work and babysitter finding. My boyfriend starts work tomorrow and I and still I’d truly be lying if I said it was a fun process, but good thing! I found one, for now, so I hope all goes well when she starts tomorrow!

But, I tell you it’s been one heck of a journey finding a place that were comfortable leaving her. At one place that I visited I asked her if they read to the babies or taught them anything during the day and one of the workers replied “I mean we read and sing to them but it’s not like they’re learning anyway.” I hope that I contained my shock well enough; but, I couldn’t believe that a child care provider would say such a thing. Kids are very receptive and start learning early as long as they’re taught. Plus, the place was rather dirty. Needless to say that wasn’t our top choice.

The next place was absolutely wonderful. It was clean and the staff stressed learning and teaching even for the infants. They had plenty of activities for the children to do all day. They kept a journal of all the things the kids did during the day and even provided food and cribs for all of the babies. I loved everything about this place including the hours BUT they weren’t available to watch her right away. We have to wait a week or two. *world crashes down* So…I had to move on to the next place keeping them in mind.

Next I began my online search. I signed up for and quickly realized it wasnt for me. I signed up for the free package which is a joke because all of these people (about 60) to be exact sent me messages on the website telling me they’re available and would like for me to hire them. However, it is a complete rip off because you have to upgrade to the premium package at a price of $40 in order to be able to contact these people. So once you found someone you’re still paying $40 for the service. NEXTTTT…

The place I called after this is an emergency daycare center located conveniently across the street from my job. The place was great; it had everything I was looking for except the price. My goodness the price. I’m a college student and while I’m interning I still can’t afford this place. Everything sounded great until she told me it’s $2400 a week (or maybe she said a month), either way that a lot too much for me to pay on my salary.

Dont hate me for this next one…but…I searched Craigslist. I was desperate, what can I say? I called the lady I found and she was accepting new children! I was skeptical but kind of happy because we’re really in need. I visited today and was underwhelmed plus she had an older son (I have a daughter and, well, you can never be too careful). I chose to go with her for at least tomorrow but my little sis is helping me out for the rest of the week.

Thank God for last-minute daycare and little sisters!




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