fighting inlaws

So the ending to my weekend was quite an exciting one and not necessarily in a good way.

To save you from the drama I’ll cut to the chase. There was a lot of yelling, not from me, a lot of cursing, not from me, and a lot of anger, again, not from me. The reason behind it all? A simple miscommunication.

As much as I didn’t want to get over it because I still felt hurt, I decided that I’d come up with some positives and some take-aways because that’s a part of growth and the betterment of yourself…. although it sure, sure, SURE was hard.

1. If ever you think there may have been the slightest miscommunication you should take it upon yourself to clarify any and everything said. If you have the opportunity during the conversation you should throughly explain yourself and maybe throw in a “how do you feel about that?” do get an idea of how that person interpreted what you said.

Remember: There is always a nice way to say everything. So, even if that person deserves a piece of your mind, think of a nice way to say it :).

2. Continue to let people see the good in you. Meaning that even if you’re seething on the inside that doesnt mean you have to let people know it. Stay positive and treat everyone well. In the end no one will have anything bad to say about you and if you and the person do become friends again, the transition back to ‘good terms’ will be a much smoother one without all the apologies.

3. Stay positive and don’t think about the negative. If the person would like to stay upset with you then let them, don’t let it get to you. If you’ve tried to understand and make amends for any wrong-doing then it’s their loss for wanting to continue the feud. Less stress leads to a longer life (I’m not sure if this is true, but I can only imagine that it is). if you’ve tried and failed at least you’ve tried, so move on…maybe one day they’ll come around.

But, if someone can’t forgive you then they weren’t good friends in the first place. And vise versa.

Anything to add, let me know!



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