My New Bed

Happy 4th of July all!

It feels great to finally have the time to start blogging again.

Naturally, I am off of work on the 4th and because my boyfriend is at work and I didnt want to celebrate without him, Peyton and I stayed at home. Yesterday at work I created a lengthy to-do list for today and I am proud to say that I stuck to it! Checking off tasks on my list sure was an odd way to spend my day but I feel quite good about it.

The original plan was to wake up at 5am to walk with my boyfriend to the subway station then go to Starbucks for a morning “pick-me-up”; however that was a lofty goal. I already wake up at 5am on an normal work day, so I treated myself to an extra 3.5 hours of sleep.

I used to hate cleaning day when I was younger, but now as an adult I have come to love it. I started my day with cleaning the bathroom; however, I quickly got bored and decided to start cleaning my bedroom. So, with the bathroom half clean, I started straightening up the room. Straightening up the room turned into a full-on rearrangement. I moved the entire 60lbs (at least it felt like 60lbs) bed and frame, which I quickly realized was assembled but not attached.

Then, with the bedroom half-finished I went to clean the kitchen. When I finally finished a task completely, I went back to the bedroom, since by this time I had made a gigantic mess that made me question why I even decided to clean in the first place. Unfortunately, it was much too late for reconsiderations, I had to finish or else I’d probably regret it later.

5 hours of cleaning and working and hopping from room to room I was finally close to being finished. I just had the final touches left and those were to add the bedding and wonderful pillows that I had yet to buy. So, with that, I made one quick trip to Target, Home Goods, and some random store and came back with everything that I needed. Carrying all of that stuff while pushing a baby stroller in the blazing heat and trying keeping the stroller from toppling over had to have been a priceless sight!

With the last items added and the house clean and the guests arriving I felt like I’d done a great job. However, that feeling was quickly diminished once Peyton decided to leave her mark by drooling and wiping her hands off on the brand new comforter….and  her father came home and walked on the baby mats (that I’d spent an hours sweeping and sanitizing) with his shoes and tossed his shirt in the corner.

Hey, at least I got to have a moment to bask in the cleanliness, even though that moment lasted literally 2 minutes.

Aaaaaah..the joys of motherhood!



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