Lance and I tried for the second time to make pizza from scratch!

We should have learned our lesson that pizza-making just isn’t our thing the first time, but we thought we’d give it a shot and try again.

At 9 am on a Saturday we were both up early, him because he’d been coaching basketball games all morning, and me because my body won’t let me sleep past 9 (weird). Naturally, we decided to make pizza. I gathered the ingredients and started prepping the place where we’d be making the pizza when we ran into our first snag.

He wanted garlic, and I didn’t..I wanted mushrooms, and he didn’t. I also wanted to mystery brown powder on my pizza just in case it was some magical ingredient that would make me the next great pizza-maker, and he wasn’t up to taking chances…So, we opted to turn our pizza making into a competition to see who’s tasted better; because, any opportunity to compete is welcomed.

I went crazy! I added all the extra cheese that I always wish pizza-makers would add when I buy my pizza and I buried my pepperoni under the cheese. I also added mushrooms and onions and more cheese and extra sauce and I was sure that I was going to win.

After taking some time to bake, the pizza was ready. It was…..disgusting.

The middle hadn’t cooked well enough and there was too much cheese.I honestly felt like if I had eaten the whole pizza I would have fallen into a calorie coma once I was finished. Lance said his was excellent, but when he’s hungry he’ll eat anything and he ate it so fast that I didn’t even get to try his. Therefore, it was a draw, and I don’t think we’ll have another pizza-making sesh to truly find out whose recipe is better. 


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