I have officially ended my quest for the perfect carrot cake!

My cravings for carrot cake began when I was pregnant. I thank God for my boyfriend who walked with me, drove me, and hunted with me all over New York City looking for carrot cake. And, because most things with me are never as simple as they should be, I only like a particular type of carrot cake. There was a certain cake to icing ratio that I was searching for and I would not be happy until I found it. The cake had to be moist and the icing had to be a mixture of buttercream and cream cheese, which apparently is hard to find.

A few years ago I worked for a place called Chicken Out that had amazing carrot cake! Unfortunately, Chicken Out was replaced by a Qdoba :(. Now, I’ve had to resort to going from store to store and hoping for the best (see the things that pregnancy does to you?!) Finally, I think that I’ve found the place.

After some pretty intense research I located a place called Betty. I started with googling “the best carrot cake in NYC” to see if there was a carrot cake fanatic out there just like me. Of course there was! These people had tasted and sampled plenty of places around NYC and they gave their reviews for each one. This was helpful information, but soon I got too overwhelmed. I JUST WANTED THE CAKE, not all the words!

I was time to switch to a new approach, so I just googled “carrot cake” along with my zip code. BINGO! Yelp gave me a list of places that sell carrot cake.

Upon first glance, I was almost persuaded to go to Cake Man Raven since this place came highly recommended. But, with a closer look, I noticed that a lot of people were saying that the Cake Man opens at 5:30 and only stays open until the cake is sold out, which with the astoundingly long lines the establishment shuts down after about 2 hours. As to not get my hopes up only for them to be crushed, I chose to go somewhere else.

That’s when I found Betty. Betty is located in a quaint little neighborhood in Brooklyn and is a quiet bakery that features a variety of different pastries. The staff was so nice and the atmosphere both inside and outside of the bakery was great. We chose to sit inside and enjoy our cake (mainly because it was 5000 degrees and blazing outside).

The cakes were excellent and I’m thrilled that I found my new favorite spot. –pregnancy has made me a fiend sheesh.



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