I like many other parents use social media to share with friends glimpses into my life. I’m horrible with keeping in touch by phone, text, etc with alllll of my friends, Fb is annoying, and Twitter takes too much energy (I am admittedly lazy) so I use Instagram, which is the one social media site that is popular enough that all of my friends have it, easy enough for me not to have to use too much brain power, and best of all, it allows me to show off the 500 pictures that I take of Peyton every day (in reality it’s only slightly less than 500).

However, today I was scrolling through my photos that I had posted on IG and I noticed that most of my pictures are of Peyton. Now, I mentioned that I try to give my friends/followers a glimpse into my life which is composed of much more than my child, yet I don’t seem to post anything other.

This also made me pause as I was comparing my photos to those of all of my other friends. Being that I’m 21 and very few of my friends have children–make that 2 of like 50–I see them posting pictures at the beach in Miami, partying, drinking, and having childless fun so I wonder are my constant pictures of my 9-month old sort of a drag for them to scroll through?

Yea sure, I doubt they mind seeing one picture every now and then, but I get excited to see her everyday after I get off work; her smile makes me smile, her laugh cracks me up, the silly things she does make me overjoyed, and even watching her sleep is wonderful. All of these moments that I have the opportunity to experience everyday are simple things that I wholeheartedly think everyone else should witness; but, is it ever too much for those people who are young, trying to live life to the fullest (see Y.O.L.O.), and are years away from having any kids of their own?

Parents are absolutely entitled to sharing tidbits about their lives and the lives of their children, but is there a point in time where that photo you just posted is one picture too many?

Does anyone else share my conflict? Let me know!


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