This project is from Remodelaholic. I stumbled upon this when looking for ideas for a headboard. I really don’t want to spend a lot of money on furniture since I will only be in my apartment for about 9 and a half more months, but I want to make it homey for now. I love this idea and it seems very inexpensive. Once I make mine I’ll let you all see my masterpiece. ūüėČ
I have whipped up a little pottery barn inspired art work tutorial for y’all.  As seen here:
See, while looking through my trusty catalog I saw this (below), and I loved the mosaic piece of art.  So, I set my trusty little mind to figuring out a way to make this for myself, and now you can too.
( like my scrawl on the picture?… that is how I remember random ideas that float around in my brain…)
Collect your supplies:
Scrapbook paper 
(in the colors of your decor)
(for background, in color of your choice, I used black)
Paper glue
Modge Podge
Piece of wood or Art canvas
(mdf or osb something inexpensive!  Have this cut to your desired dimensions,
both Home Depot and Lowes will cut 4 x 8 foot boards down,
or they sell smaller 2′ x 4′ pieces usually on an endcap…,
I wanted mine to fill a larger space, so I did mine at 3′ x 3′)

There you have it.  An easy work of art that can be custom made to match any decor.



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