BradyTOMboyFaceShotWhile perusing Mommynoir, one of my favorite blogs, I stumbled upon an article from CNN about two little tomboys who create their own clothing line for other little girls who hate all things girly.

This immediately caught my eye because lately I’ve been wondering if my own daughter will become one of these so-called tomboys one day. Every time I try to “girlify” (yes, I made that up) Peyton by putting a headband or bow in her hair she rips it off. And her father is no help either. Just the other day I dressed her in the cutest little pink outfit with a tutu, pink sandals, and a bow and the first thing that he says if “Ugh, she looks like a girl.” I wanted to say “welllll…that’s because she is!” While I want her to be my little princess and life-size doll for me to dress up in frilly, pretty things, I’m trying to face the fact that she may prefer the more boyish side of fashion. Which I guess is OK, because these two tomboys have put their spin on fashion for the girl who likes boy clothes.

Maya and Grace, now ages 8 and 10, respectively, refused to wear boy girl clothes. Maya hated to wear dresses while Grace would only wear clothing out of the boys section of the store. The girls just didn’t like the selection of girls clothing that stores had to offer; however, they did not want to be ridiculed for their choice of dress by the kids at school. So, in response to this, their mothers (sisters) got together along with their brother to create a line for other little girls just like their daughters.

The clothing line, called Girls Will Be, encourages both girls and boys to stay true to their self and their personal style. Veronica Arreola, assistant director at the Center for Research on Women and Gender at the University of Illinois at Chicago, speaks to this stating that “Boys and girls need more options so that they can be themselves. Then we are not faced with these overwhelming stereotypes that keep girls and boys in these well-defined boxes,” which could attribute to the success of Girls Will Be and other brands like it.

Girls Will Be has turned into quite the full-time job for the siblings with t-shirts retailing for about $24 dollars, some of which have even sold out, as the line has been doing much better than expected.

Visit CNN for more on the story and Girls Will Be for products.



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