From now until the 28th, I will be posting nothing but party-related DIY posts as I anticipate Peyton’s first birthday, because after all I need the inspiration (as I have no clue how to plan a 1 yo’s birthday!). I found these cool balloons that I thought would make for cute festive additions from Studiodiy.I like working with confetti because it’s larger and less dangerous than glitter, although neither are safe from being captured by Peyton for the eating. I just prefer not to use glitter ever since I found out it’s actually tiny pieces of glass–Yikes!


Check out the link above for more pics and the good stuff you need to make these!

To Begin:

Take your inflated balloon and paint on the decoupage glue to the bottom of it. You need a thin but even layer. You can either paint a straight line around so you have a very defined confetti “dip” or you can make the top edge of your decoupage area rough so it looks a little less perfect. Either way, once you have your glue on there, go ahead and start dipping and sprinkling confetti on. I found the best way to do this was to hold a balloon over a large bowl of confetti and pick up a handful at a time and press it onto the balloon. Shake the balloon so all the excess confetti falls off, then let it dry.

Confetti Dipped Balloon DIY DIY Confetti Balloons

The confetti stays on pretty well with just those steps, but for extra security you can also add another layer of the decoupage glue overtop of your confetti and let it dry. (It will dry clear.) If you do this, make sure you factor the extra bit of wait from that second layer in so you don’t end up weighing down your balloons!

This finished product:

DIY Confetti Dipped Balloons


DIY Confetti Dipped Balloons



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