If not apparent by the incessant posts of DIY kids’ crafts, I am planning a first birthday party for Peyton. As the day of the party draws nearer I’m beginning to get more and more stressed. Now, stress for me is a fairly normal thing as I am a worrier, so  I tend to think, then over-think about things until I worry and stress over them….and this is where I am with this party at this point.

It all started when my mom said she was flying in from Alaska. Since coming to Maryland from Alaska is a pretty big deal, I decided to up the ante a bit. Then Peyton’s other grandmother said she’s coming down from New York and bringing her aunties; then more and more people from out-of-state called and said they were coming. So, I guess the reason why Peyton’s birthday party is now kind of a big deal is because we know too many people from out-of-town, essentially.

But, back to the stress, oh the stress! It’s gotten so bad that I wake up randomly during the middle of the night trying to plan out how much food to buy, who has and hasn’t RSVP’d, how I plan to decorate, should I make last-minute changes to the menu, etc. This is especially bad because I’ll find myself daydreaming in class, thinking about torts and other Business Law related stuff in my BMGT380 class one minute only for that to somehow for my train of thought to be derailed to more party planning business.

Who knew planning a party for a child could be so much work?! Initially, I figured I’d get her a cake, invite over a few people and we’d watch her put her hands in the cake (and probably all other available food) and that would be it. Nope. It’s now much bigger than I expected and it’s going to be about 10 times harder to execute than I had initially hoped. Luckily, I came across this article about why a mother only got her 1-year-old a carrot muffin for her first birthday to give myself a good laugh and know that others felt my pain.

When I first read the article’s title, “Why I Blew Off My Baby’s First Birthday,” I said, “Wow, who would do that to their child?” but, then I found myself saying, “You know what, she might be on to something.” The writer went on to explain that she had a big birthday party for her first child that she planned and obsessed over, because she believed that a birthday as big as the first one should receive nothing less. Unfortunately, when her second child’s first birthday rolled around, she had a change of heart. Her idea of a good celebration for baby number 2 was putting a candle in a corn muffin, making a hat, taking a nap, and calling it a day.

After reading the article, I completely understood why one wouldn’t want to put themselves through the drama that is planning a kid’s birthday party. And I’m sure that every day and night until Saturday that I’m frantically trying to cook, clean, make decorations, favors, and Peyton’s tutu dress while studying and keeping up with my assignments I’ll curse myself trying to put on this production of a party. However, I’ll do my best to try to keep in mind that having a big birthday for a 1-year-old and celebrating with both of our families and all of our friends is way more fun than just a hug and a cupcake. Right?


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