It has been a whole week of no posts, and while I feel sad that I haven’t been able to share my thoughts and life’s moments, I have been taking a much-needed break after last weekend’s festivities. I said it before that I would probably kick myself for packing a christening and 1st birthday party into two days while hosting family from four different states, but I must say that it went off without a hitch; I just needed a full week of recuperation afterward.

My mom came into town from Alaska on Tuesday, that was a big help because she watched Peyton while I went to school and planned for the party. When she came on Tuesday I had big dreams for the party, but as the week wore on those were slowly dashed and by Friday the initial plans had pretty much dissipated. I spent plenty of time and money shopping for this party and driving all over the state of Maryland looking for supplies (albeit half-halfheartedly which is why my decorations weren’t as grand as they ought to have been). I was so excited to put to the test all of my favorite Pinterest posts and DIYs from my blog but, there came a point where I realized that I wasn’t going to reach my maximum decorating potential this weekend, so I opted to go with a few paper poms and I called it a day.

Next was the food. For the food I had also planned to make everything from scratch. I planned out an elaborate menu and wrote down my grocery list, but by Friday so many things had been scratched off that I decided to scrap the whole list. Then enter the boyfriend (Lance), who swears he’s the world’s greatest cook or something. He took over and started telling me what all he would make….only he had to work; therefore, it would be me cooking, which I already determined I didn’t have enough time for. BUT, because God works miracles, we were sent Lance’s mother who works as a chef for the Essex House in NYC. She worked wonders in the kitchen and saved the day. Whew.

Unfortunately and fortunately, we were 3 hours late getting to our own child’s birthday party, but good thing there such as thing as “colored people time” (please look it up), that and I bribed my 6-year-old sister into being a greeter and entertaining folks as they arrived, so technically we were only an hour late. Despite this, the night went swimmingly! Everyone enjoyed themselves; we ate amazing food, none of which was made by me, drank spiked punch which is completely appropriate at a 1-year old’s birthday, everyone talked and was merry.

The next day was the christening, which we were also late for due to the fact that Peyton’s grandmother wanted to buy a whole new outfit for her last-minute, but that’s OK because she looked so adorable.

Oh and the ombre cake the I was going to make from scratch, didn’t happen. I was half-way talked out of it by my mom and I half didn’t feel like doing it so I bought a cake from Costco, which just so happened to have a princess cake ready for the taking. They must have known I was coming 🙂

All in all, aside from the stress and the countless hours spent in the car shuttling people and food back and forth it was a great weekend that I can absolutely wait to do again. Hell, who knows, she might just end up with a carrot muffin next year.


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