Question: Why do some parents flee their responsibility when they willingly have children?

My Answer:

From the outside children seem fun, adorable, wonderful and sweet. And in reality — they are. What you can’t see from the outside are the things that parents do to achieve fun, happy, adorable and sweet children.

There are sacrifices that children require. Often parents give up sleep, time, money, and opportunities so that their children can have what they need.

Aside from the sacrifices, children have this habit of needing attention. They cry for it. They beg for it. They ask you repeatedly for it until they are soothed. They need this attention because it soothes them and allows them to feel loved.

Furthermore, children need to be taught. They need to learn right from wrong, how to handle themselves in certain situations, how to speak, read and write, among many other things. The teaching and the learning never stops and oftentimes parents are the first and can be the best teachers.

Then there’s the responsibility of looking after your children. This includes childcare when you need it. Will you hire someone or do it yourself? You have to find someone you trust if you’ll hire outside help. Finding that someone can be an agonizing process and even then you worry about them constantly. In looking after your children there’s also the cleaning and the cooking, washing clothes, caring for them while they’re sick, helping with homework, picking up their clothes, shoes, and toys 7 times a day after working a full-time job and many times without thanks. The list goes on..

I haven’t even touched on the financial obligation which in itself can cause a parent to run.

Raising children is a hard, time-consuming, complex experience but it is also rewarding, a life-changer and can be one of the best decisions a parent makes. You can’t always account for what is to come as a parent as there is no rule book and no perfect parent. However, sometimes all that goes into parenting is simply more than one thinks they can or decides they will take on.



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