My Words For Don Lemon

I was listening to the radio, Tom Joyner in the morning, like I always do when I heard a segment by Don Lemon (the CNN anchor) referencing the biker fight in New York and going on to speak about America's problem with rage. In addition to the biker fight he recounted the death of the … Continue reading My Words For Don Lemon


Happy (belated) Birthday Peyton!

Yesterday was Peyton's first birthday! I happy to have been able to spend these last 12 months with her watching her grow and learn new things. She surprises me every single day with all of the weird, funny, and unusually intelligent things that she does. She knows how to put an instant smile on a … Continue reading Happy (belated) Birthday Peyton!

Girls Will Be: Fashion For the Tiny Tomboy

While perusing Mommynoir, one of my favorite blogs, I stumbled upon an article from CNN about two little tomboys who create their own clothing line for other little girls who hate all things girly. This immediately caught my eye because lately I've been wondering if my own daughter will become one of these so-called tomboys … Continue reading Girls Will Be: Fashion For the Tiny Tomboy